About Us

Dr. Valda:

After graduating from Western Maryland with a degree in Biology and prior to dental school, Dr. Valda worked at John Hopkins in the genetics lab with a Nobel prize winner, Hamilton Smith.

Dr. Valda then went on to University of Maryland Dental School in Baltimore. After graduation he then did a 1 year Hospital based residency in Albany NY. Upon finishing the residency Dr. Valda spent 4 years in Germany learning pediatric dentistry while working for the American army as a contractor. This is where Dr. Valda obtained his pediatric experience. Dr. Valda came back to Gallup in 2000 and worked at fort defiance for 1 year prior to starting Small Fry Dentistry.

Dr. Valda also spends time doing Indigenous dental outreach. He spends 1 week per year in Peru volunteering his dental services.

Small Fry Dentistry:

Small fry Dentistry and Dr. Valda have been serving the Gallup community since 2001. Located at 107 Green Ave, we are here to serve you. we take pride in serving the Gallup community with all of its dental needs. For surgeries, orthodontics, and more we have never referred anyone out of Gallup. Dr. Valda performs all of his surgery out of RMCH here in Gallup.